urgent request for duffle bags, totes, and suitcases

October 8, 2020

Dear K6 and HAMSMaRT friends and supporters,

It’s unlike us to send two email in one week, but we have an important and time sensitive request for you and your networks.  We need duffle bags, Rubbermaid totes and suitcases to help people move.

You will likely have read that we reached an agreement with the City of Hamilton to lift the injunction and implement a protocol that recognizes that indoor options do not exist for everyone.  We feel that this agreement is in the best interest of those that we work with, love and serve.  However, the lifting of the injunction means that the City will dismantle the large encampments, especially those outside of the FirstOntario Centre and on Ferguson Avenue.  We are committed to supporting people in moving in a way that causes the least harm possible.  We have always been very engaged with folks at the encampments, and have stepped that up in the last week, to ensure that people understand what is happening, how they can best access indoor options and how the new protocol works.  We are hearing from people that they need a way to move their possessions, whether they access an indoor space or have to move to another outdoor space, and that’s where you come in!

If you have new or gently used duffle bags, Rubbermaid totes, or suitcases, or small to medium sized carts, please email tents@keepingsix.org to make arrangements for drop off. In your email, please include a photo of the item so we can ensure it meets the needs of people on the ground. Wheely options are much appreciated.  The move dates for the larger encampments is by Wednesday of next week, so drop off this weekend will be a must.  Please share widely and thank you, as always for your support.

EST. 2018

Keeping Six – Hamilton Harm Reduction Action League is a community-based organization that defends the rights, dignity, and humanity of people who use drugs.