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Keeping Six Quarterly Zine

The revival of the quarterly zine has been a great source of community building for the group. There are many people with talents to share but who lack an outlet. As interest in creative activities grew, the weekly Art and Writing Drop In was created. Zines are created with content supplied by participants who provide a variety of artwork and writing in exchange for a $10 gift card.

With the zine we have been able to reach out and connect with a wider community of people who use drugs and/or experiencing homelessness, raising awareness about the Keeping Six organisation and what we stand for.

The quarterly was also conceived of as a tool for advocacy. We believe that if a wider population has access to the zine, that we can also build understanding and compassion for the community of people who use drugs. Purchase hard copy editions at King West Books or contact

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Keeping Six Quarterly 2(2), June 2020
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